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    47th Annual Course

    Hello, Is the 47th Annual Course a definite go?  I am only asking because I am not sure if we need to make hotel accommodations.  Of course, I am fine with whatever the decision is.   Respectfully, Erica Natal ------------------------------ [Erica] ...

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    RE: Water bottles

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    One of the facilities in my area was dinged for not changing their sterile water bottle out with each patient due to the sterile water bottle being labeled "single use".  That facility and a number of others that I have contact with made a product change ...

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    We are still using a paper medical record, and the MDs want it kept inside the procedure room.  Since the MD and RN need to access it during the case, there it is high probability for it to become contaminated.  Is anyone else in this situation and what ...

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    In hindsight, since it has been a while, it was the clinical specialist from Boston Scientific who presents not the rep who sells products. Not sure about now, but the sign in paper was through Educational Dimensions which is a great source of online ...

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    Thanks Angie that was very informative. We currently have a negative pressure room for bronchs also but are maybe moving to a new area which does not have a negative pressure room. We are exploring the options. ------------------------------ Linda Lawrence ...

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