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    Hi Lisa, Thanks for responding.  So did IP have you continue using sleeves or stop?  What you wrote is not quite clear:  Infection Control has us still... ??? --Tina ------------------------------ Tina C. MSN, RN-BC California -------------------- ...

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    Kathleen, I would highly recommend you utilize an enzymatic as I am not sure any IFU's have Dawn in their IFU's. If you have questions please pm me and we can talk more. I am the educator in your territory. ------------------------------ Tamara Behm ...

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    Does anyone know of an EB article that specifically recommends activity restriction post cauterization? We currently recommend no heavy lifting or straining for two weeks post cauterization. I am looking for articles that support that practice or even ...

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    Along this line of discussion, how many of you have a bowl of water that you test the scope in prior to the procedure?  If this is your practice do you use sterile water in a sterile bowl or tap water in a non-sterile bowel? The reason I ask is this. ...

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    I would highly recommend signing up for GIQUIC and getting an EMR that inferfaces with it.  I can't imagine having to keep track of it any other way. ------------------------------ Joyce Mackler BSN MSN RN CASC Center Nurse Manager Seaford DE ------ ...

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