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    Registration is now open for the  48th Annual Course: A Virtual Experience ! Register by  April 15  to  receive the lowest rate on this year's live event experience, May 22-25 (Pre-meeting events May 21-22), and access to additional presentations ...

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    We have never had to contact patients over medication recalls.   What we do is keep track of the lot numbers of medications we receive.  We would know if we had the lot number and about when it was used and we would have to assume all the patients ...

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    I know many are now using disposable buttons and biopsy forceps cap.  We are currently using all disposable buttons but may need to switch back to permanent sets.  I am asking about the requirements for reuse of permanent buttons. I understand that their ...

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    Usually in my facility the tech applies the abdominal pressure but depending on the situation especially for the very obese patients or very tortuous colon, its team work including the nurse and the faculty. Leah Texas

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    I am wondering how often other facilities sterilize the endo cabinet tubings?  I am also wondering if other facilities are doing this as part of their routine use of the endo cabinet: "It is recommended that the outside of tubing and connectors be ...

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    To celebrate GI Nurses and Associates Week (March 21-27), we're highlighting some of our community's proudest moments from over the past year. Hover over the flashcard to see what SGNA members had...

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    The  Multisociety Guideline on Reprocessing Flexible GI Endoscopes and Accessories has been updated. SGNA endorses and participated in the development of the guideline which can be accessed on the SGNA website.   You can access this, and all other ... More

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