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    Water bottles

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    Good morning. Has any one found a way to purchase just the bottle portion for the Olympus air/water port?  We have 9 tops with out bottles due to only being able to purchase the set.  Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, ------------------------------ ...

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    Rectal manometry

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    Does anyone do covid testing for patients coming in for rectal manometry? Do you have a resource for either yes or no? thanks in advance for your response. ------------------------------ Terri Herzog BSN RN CGRN Indian Head Park IL ----------------- ...

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    Paul, If you are looking at capturing all the data electronically, I found a great program https://www.sympliant.com/. It will track everything from the pre-clean in the room all the way through drying and storage.  I like it because you don't have to ...

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    Has anyone been or started using reusable gloves for manual cleaning of scopes?  The extended cuff gloves we normally use are out of stock.   If you do use them, what is the standard for cleaning them between scopes? ------------------------------ Joyce ...

  • Posted in: SGNA Open Forum

    Good question. ------------------------------ Joyce Mackler BSN MSN RN CASC Center Nurse Manager Seaford DE ------------------------------

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