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    We hope that all of you enjoyed the 48th Annual Course: A Virtual Experience! If you want to share your knowledge with your peers or know someone who might be interested in doing so, submit an abstract for the 49th Annual Course, May 22-24, 2022 in Salt ...

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    Hello LaQuita, You are doing well if you only have one!  A couple of thoughts, you do not mention if the guilty party is an owner but thoughts either way. The second one always more impactful with an owner.   When you collect your data, you need ...

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    Hi Kelly,       As a technician I am the first assistant to the physician. At my facility, I am not allowed to do any injection. I find this very hard because if I am trained to just about everything else then why can I be trained for injection.  As one ...

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all,      I have a burning question for all. Today we had a swallower that swallowed keys. We used a hood on the tip of the scope to help with protecting the esophagus as we pulled them out. Here is the problem: 1. it wasn't the ...

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    So, apparently we are no longer washing ERCP scopes twice, since we started using the disposeable tips.  When I asked our lead tech about it, she said that it was actually implemented at the beginning of COVID precautions, so I guess that it was instegated, ...

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