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    It's preferred that they complete treatment but not  necessary that they test negative, as many patients are asymptotic and yet are still carriers of the c.diff spore for months after.  Also testing for cure is not recommended as it highly unreliable. ...

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    Most of my patients are able to tolerate the procedure as I coach them through it. In the few cases where they are just not able to, I have attempted to use viscous lido in the nares and have then sniff that up. I typically don't use numbing agents since ...

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    Thank you for the information.  I will definitely email them. ------------------------------ Catherine Heinsen RN CGRN Infection Control Preventionist Greenwood SC ------------------------------

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    We cover both an ambulatory and  hospital units. We have two RN's on call from 5:30pm Friday -Monday 7am.  Our procedure is that one RN is designated "First call " the other RN "2nd call". Only the first RN will come in for one case,  The exception to ...

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    Hello,       I would like to share at in our Ercp suite, our techs are the first assistant and the nurses assist the techs. We both share the duties in the room on setting up and cleaning, stocking. Our nurses document, open equipment, assist with meds, ...

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