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Effective Reading Strategies for Increasing the Writing Skills

Academic essays require you to support your ideas, opinion, and arguments with authoritative voices through the use of research papers and other scholarly sources. For complex, you will also need to read through a plethora of text to get yourself acquainted with the background information about the topic. The higher in academic studies you go the more you will have to improve your reading and comprehension skills. 

Many students who don’t read much and lack the appropriate reading skills end up asking others: help essay writer, as they either take a lot of time to read the research papers and fail to comprehend the information despite various re-reads.

The reading strategies are important for critical writing as well. If you fail to read and comprehend information critically, you will never be able to write and produce critical analysis and evaluation.

Scholarly sources on the other are produced by experts in their field or by the help of experts and are checked by other scholars for their authenticity. The information in scholarly sources is reliable thus, can provide strong support to your ideas and arguments. 

Breaking free of the 5 paragraph essay 

Another habit that is wrought into the students in their school education is their reliability on a rigid structure. Many newcomers can’t shake off the classic 5-paragraph essay structure and end up writing most of the essays in their college education along the same line. This ends up earning them bad grades. 

Here are some of the reading strategies used by essay writing service and researchers to find relevant information and understand it effectively and efficiently.

Students in college should structure their essays according to their convenience in their argumentation and writing. This allows them to explore the subject matter comprehensively rather than sticking to the salient or the important looking points. 

Get done with your draft quickly

You should start writing your essay using the mind map as a rough outline for the essay. Using the information that you have gathered from the background search and through the research, you will finish your essay draft as quickly as possible. 

Review your essay using reverse outlining

Once you have expanded upon your ideas and arguments in the essay draft, you should start the review process by reverse outlining. This method requires you to point out the various parts in the finished draft and see if the information is uniform, coherent, and reasonable; such that you can make changes to improve upon it. 

What they don’t get is that the 5-essay paragraph was there to assist the students in their write my essay by letting them not worry about the structure of the essay and instead spend their time to hone their critical and analytical thinking skills.

Body 1(Topic Sentence): 

The state has to inject colleges with capital for it to be tuition-free college, which comes by burdening the residents with increased tax. 

Body 2(Topic Sentence)

With the free higher education the college degree private colleges will suffer to maintain their standard.

Body 3(Topic Sentence)

Cutting off the tuition fee in the state-run colleges and community colleges will lead to overpopulation and unfavorable conditions for healthy learning.


The conclusion doesn’t add anything new to the writing but goes over the main points presented in the online essay writer in light of the thesis statement.

“It is unfair upon the taxpayers that they will have to pool in for the students and the families who are more than capable of affording the tuition fee. The overcrowding will be followed by the overconsumption of resources and will lead to inadequate learning and increased dropout rates. The lawmakers should instead financially assist the students enrolled in state or private universities that are already performing well, through public grants. This will help the government reach its goal of an increased number of college graduates without disrupting the education system as a whole.”

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