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Three-Part Essay Process: Planning, Paragraphing, & Polishing

Essays are an important part of academics. Improving in this department helps the students a lot in improving their grades and performing better in most of the writing assignments. Essays take an advanced role as the students advance into higher education, where through essay writing the students are tested on their grasp of the subject content and the course material. Then essay writing becomes a part of many disciplines such as Arts and History, Pure Sciences, Medicine, Psychology, etc.

Students who don’t follow a writing process often look for a free essay writer to write their essays for them. However, with an understanding of the various parts of the essay process, these writers can make the essay writing process much easier. Breaking down the essay process into its components can help the essay writer focus on individual parts and improve upon the essay one part at a time.

The essay can be divided into three parts: Planning, Paragraphing, and Polishing.

Difference between Reviewing and Editing

Before you proceed it is important that you know the difference between these two post-writing stages of your writing. You should review the essay before moving onto the editing part. 

Despite the effort put into brainstorming, writing, and researching, this way you will end up with an essay that performs badly. ‘Write my essay for me,’ these disheartened writers might end up asking others when they only need to work on their post writing processes. With time set aside for reviewing and editing you can make sure that your essay is perfect in its style, unity, and structure, as well as in its grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The review process concerns itself with the bigger picture that includes checking the structure of the essay, the logical reasoning in the text, the flow of information, the unity in the paragraphs, as well as the cohesion within and between the paragraphs. 

The editing phase concerns itself with optimizing the essay on the sentence level. The sentences are checked for their formality, tone, style, as well as the use of punctuation, voice, and specialized vocabulary.

Knowing the audience

When writing the essay many times we are not sure who we are writing for. Most people assume that since the instructor is reading the essay, s/he should be the audience. However, this is not the case. Most of the time the instructor grades the essays in accordance with the expected audience for the essay. Normally, the audience for the write my essay is assumed to be people who stand, in terms of understanding, somewhere between a layman and an expert. Therefore, if not mentioned, then you should write for a level that matches the understanding of your peers. This way you won’t have to dumb down the concepts and ideas so much that it bores the experts. Also, you won’t need to use purely specialized content such that you alienate the layman. 

It is always the best practice to ask the instructor what the intended audience of your writing is.

Spend most of the time reviewing and editing

Before you begin to write the essay it is best if you schedule your essay, keeping most of your time aside for editing and reviewing the essay. Many expert writers speed through the drafting phase and get done with their roughest draft as soon as possible. They spend most of their remaining time reviewing the draft through various iterations to smoothen the idea, structure, and content and then editing it to fix the sentence-level errors.

Scholarship Essay – Community

It is the most popular theme as it focuses on community service, initiatives, and improvement. These questions are:

  1. Describe the positive encounters of volunteers?
  2. Create thank-you cards for members of the armed service.
  3. Share a vision that you have built for transforming your community.

Scholarship Essay – Competition

It is a theme that is associated with mainly athletes or dancers. Moreover, it highlights their participation. These questions are:

  1. What does being a successful student in the field, in the classroom and in society mean?
  2. Defines what it means to be a good coworker?
  3. Describe any moment of sportsmanship.

Keep in mind these questions while crafting your scholarship essays. So, contact free essay writer.

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